Good morning/afternoon/evening to the current viewer of this website.  I am your host, Rob Owen.


I am a DJ, Light Jockey, Mobile DJ, Audio Engineer and a enthusiast in most forms of Dance music, from Chilled House to Hardcore Techno.


I created this web-page to share my (good and bad) experiences as a DJ,  give guidance to people who are thinking of becoming one or any of the above topics, give away free mixes in the form of my Podcast, with screened mixes from amateurs to pros (being revamped and coming out soon) and to get a forum of like minded people together and to perhaps put on a dance event or organise a night in your (wherever it may be) local area, with DJ's, lighting & audio, photographers, and everything else associated with putting a night on.


If you like the sound of this or are interested in the concept, please be sure to bookmark the page, and get in touch via the Facebook page or Twitter via the above icons.


Thank you for visiting, come back soon - Rob :)



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