Been a bit busy as of late, and still lots more to do. Have uploaded a number of my mixes to soundcloud, also looking for an easy way of updating RSS feeds, but it is a pain in the ass, but as they say, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it, but in podcasting I think that's mostly true :D

Im going to update some things in the near future too, like I hate my logo, if anyone wishes to bombard my inbox with suggestions or mock-ups, I will gladly look over them and discus a fee.

Want to do live streams in the future, but simply do not have the room for this at the moment, need to shift a sofa-bed and about 15 years worth of old clothes, maybe then I'll be able to set something up!

Anyways, thank you for checking out my site, please feel free to listen to my mixes on my soundcloud playlists below, and sign up to the free podcast on the top right icon too (This is also getting an overhaul, god I'm gonna be busy) and enjoy! ^_^


Past flyers


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